Ethnoveterinary workshop at kanimedu village preparing herbal masala ball for cattle

The herbal remedies help all our health issues of humans, not only human also cattle, traditionally the cattle health issues cured by many herbal remedies…Last 20 years we repromoting ethnoveterinary herbal practice among the cattle holders and farmers. Around 35  herbs are collected locally and added important spices and making small, it is called “Herbal masala urandai ” for cattle immune system. improvement, prevention of health issues. We trained Kanimedu village women , farmers and distributed them.This program is supported by DAP project.

Pitchandikulam Forest Hosts Herbal Workshop for the Rainy and Winter Season

This is audio of workshop held in pitchandikulam forest.

After a few days of rain, the morning of Saturday, 24 November, opened with perfect skies, temperatures and vibrant plants for Pitchandikulam’s workshop which included a forest walk and a visit to their medicinal herb garden and nursery, where Ms Parvathi identified forest plants, taught about their health benefits and the easy ways we can use them in everyday life.

Herbs for health

We had useful day with our participants to explore our herbal knowledge of reparation  of herbal remedies, herbal food and herbal cosmetics… We interacted with plants and nature during our walk in Forest.. Thank you friends to made valuable time with us.. Next herbal wellness session coming soon.